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Decoupling Elements / Hose Assemblies

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Decoupling Elements / Hose Assemblies

In the exhaust gas sector, decoupling elements of various designs are used as conduits. They absorb vibration, thermal expansion and engine movements.

*universal applications

*with round or oval cross-section

*temperature and corrosion-resistant by suitable selection of materials

*available in all common connecting diameters


Decoupling Elements / Hose Joints

Hose joints are used for the decoupling of engine motions and vibrations.

*with round or oval cross-section

*flow routing through stripwound hose as liner or flame tube

*on request, including connector parts, e.g. flange


Structure-borne Noise Decoupling Elements

Structure-borne noise decoupling elements consist of a short self-supporting compact bellows, which optionally has an external wire cushion for damping purposes. They are used in the front pipe area for decoupling high-frequency vibrations and for compensating installation tolerances as well as for absorbing thermomechanics.

*multi-ply bellows

*with wire mesh ring as vibration damper

*flow routing via flame tube

*on request, including customer-specific connectors, e.g. V-band clamp connection


Stripwound Hoses

Stripwound hoses with interlocked profile or corrugation profile are frequently used in exhaust gas systems for light and heavy lorries, buses, construction machinery or fork lifts.

*adequately technically gas-tight, low leakages

*insensitive to torsion movements