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Exhaust Wrap Pros and Cons: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Exhaust wrap will give you more than just awesome looking headers. You’ll also see a reduction in temperatures around the exhaust as well as more horsepower.

These benefits are the result of increased engine efficiency. You’ll get more horsepower because the wrap will keep exhaust heat in the headers instead of dissipating to other areas of your engine.

When heat is contained within the exhaust system it will improve the flow of exhaust gasses throughout the entire system.

The faster exhaust gasses move, the more power you’ll receive. Combine exhaust wrap with a high flow catalytic converter and performance muffler and you could see an even bigger horsepower boost.

Performance Benefits of Exhaust Wrap

In a dyno test by Hot Rod Magazine they found exhaust wrap significantly reduced engine temperatures.

On unwrapped headers, the temperature near the cylinder head was 1,156 degrees Fahrenheit. After the wrap was applied, the temperature dropped to 972 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only did the exhaust temperature decrease, but so did other areas of the engine. On their test they found that the valve covers on their 600 horsepower small block Chevy test engine dropped from 750 degrees Fahrenheit to only 619.

Installing wrap on your motorcycle exhaust or car headers is simple. Grab one of our recommended kits and start wrapping. In about an hour you’ll have an exhaust system that looks brand new.