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What Is Exhaust Wrap?

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What Is Exhaust Wrap?


To put it simply, exhaust wrap is designed to retain heat within the exhaust pipes. This slows down the cooling process keeping the gases at a high temperature allowing them to flow faster and increase engine performance and efficiency.

Do I need it?

Well, wrapping your exhaust isn’t a necessity that’s for sure but it does bring benefits. Not just in performance but cosmetically too. 

One of the main benefits that people are looking for when choosing an exhaust wrap is to reduce engine temperature. By retaining the heat energy within your exhaust, less will escape transferring to other parts of your engine and will improve the flow of gases through the exhaust system.

It also brings some protection from the elements which in turn can slow down the general wear and tear.

Not All Exhausts Wraps Are Equal

Choosing an exhaust wrap should be based on quality rather than budget. The old saying rings true here, “buy cheap, buy twice”.

Here at Gamasco we pride ourselves on the quality of our Flame Barrier  products. Our exhaust wrap can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 °C, some types require no pre soaking

We have a great selection to cover most requirements and they are suitable for marine and land lovers alike.

How Much Exhaust Wrap Will I Need?

That’s a question we get asked a lot so we’ve developed a handy calculator to make that task easy. How exhaust wrap will I need?