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Summit Racing™ complete electric exhaust cutout kits give you the best of both worlds--an OEM-quality quiet sound for the street, and a wide-open race growl for the track. These kits are designed to be welded or clamped into the existing exhaust, and can be opened and closed from inside the cockpit with an included "one-touch" flip switch. Even better, one rocker switch controls both sides of the dual cutouts, or they can be wired independently of each other. These Summit Racing™ complete electric exhaust cutout kits are designed to fit different types of cars and trucks.

Summit Racing™ complete electric exhaust cutout kits feature:

* CNC 6061 aircraft aluminum bodies
* Smart Chip Brain Controlled motor with "One Touch" rocker switch
* Polished stainless steel butterfly plates
* Stainless steel blade shafts
* Aircraft-quality, high-temperature resistant aluminum motor plates
* Unique V-band clamp allows turndowns to be rotated for ultimate adjustability
* Polished 304 stainless steel turndowns offer 45 degree slanted discharge angle
* High-torque DC gear reduction driven motors
* Gears made from high-temperature carbon steels
* Sealed internal and external components for weatherproof durability
* Proper socket head cap screws for a complete installation