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Series: Tuned Length

Header Material: Steel

Finish: Chrome

Header Style: Short Tube

Primary Diameter: 1.75"

Tuned: No

Crossover Pipe Included: No

Catalytic Converters Included: No

Quantity: Pair

Attachment Method: Stock flange

Weld-Up: No






Developed using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software

CNC mandrel bent tubes to ensure consistent diameter throughout the tubes

Pressure tested to ensure trouble free performance

Recommended for built engines and high-performance applications

Includes new gaskets and hardware

Proudly made in the USA



Tuned Length Steel Short Tube Exhaust Headers by BBK®. Primary Tubing Diameter: 1.75". Color: Chrome. Header Coating: Chrome. Header Style: Short Tube. Gain 12-15 dyno-proven horsepower at the rear wheels just by bolting on a set of BBK long tube, full length headers. These premium headers are CAD designed with a one-piece laser cut exhaust flange, CNC mandrel bent tubes, and a leak-free ball and socket (dome) style collector, for unrestricted airflow. Theyre pressure tested to ensure trouble-free performance, come with gaskets and mounting hardware.



Different Trend® is a premium brand started in 2001 by die-hard automotive gearheads who live, breathe and love cars. The brand uses cutting-edge exhaust technology to offer top-of-the-line mufflers designed to fine-tune your ride so you can enjoy astounding performance and awesome sound with a sweet, moderate, or aggressive note every time you stomp on the gas. From high-polished stainless steel, diesel and carbon fiber mufflers to Flowsound, Flow II and Resonator performance series to XY, stainless steel and interlock flexible pipes, Different Trend has dependable exhaust parts to boost the flow and unleash your engines beast. Whether you want to complete your exhaust system with vintage style, deep black chrome/powder coated black, or crave for a trendy color style, Different Trend has you covered with eye-catching exhaust tips.




If off-the-shelf just wont do and you want to construct your own performance exhaust system, you hit the jackpot because on the pages before you youll find every type of pipe you can think of, along with the flanges, adapters, reducers, etc. to make connections. We have everything from individual pipes to complete systems without muffler(s). Whether you need custom collectors and reducers for racing headers, an X-pipe kit to balance exhaust flow on a late model Mustang, a complete set of pipes for an early muscle car, or a complete weld-up system for a hot rod,





Our pipes come in the large diameters that you want to increase exhaust flow and make more power, and all pipes are mandrel bent. Mandrel bending ensures smooth bends and makes sure the pipe maintains its size and shape throughout the entire length. Tubes that arent mandrel bent can lose a percentage of their diameter in sharp bends, which creates exhaust flow restriction. Mandrel bending provides consistent bends so exhaust flow is uniform throughout the entire length of the pipe, and so each pipe flows as much as possible, and more exhaust flow equals better performance.





Our digital shelves are stocked with both universal and vehicle specific pipes. Universal pipes give you the pipe diameter you want for increased flow in the shapes and bends you need for your particular project, without having to go to a shop with a pipe bender. Keep in mind that most corner muffler shops dont have mandrel benders. Vehicle specific pipes let you construct a custom exhaust system with the confidence of knowing the pipes were especially designed to fit on your model vehicle. And if you should have a mishap and crush or otherwise damage a pipe, you can easily get a replacement. Plus, all our pipes come in aluminized steel and stainless steel, materials used by all the major exhaust system manufacturers to ensure durability and great appearance.



The addition of a crossover pipe, like an H-pipe or an X-pipe, to a dual exhaust system has been proven to unleash more horsepower. With these pipes, exhaust flow is increased because now both cylinder banks can make use of both sides of the exhaust system, and increased exhaust flow means more power. Many of these pipes come with factory style flanges to enable easy connection to components like catalytic converters, and some are designed to facilitate the exhaust system connection to long tube headers. Some H-pipes, X-pipes, and Y-pipes come with integral catalytic converters and we also offer X-pipes for off-road use only that eliminate the catalytic converters in the system. We also offer Y-pipes that can be installed after the muffler to build a dual exhaust system




In addition to the above mentioned pipes and our huge selection of down pipes, up pipes, front pipes, mid pipes, intermediate pipes, and tailpipes, we offer many pipes for special applications that you may not find elsewhere. These include large diameter pipes that connect right to the turbo housing; complete weld-up exhaust pipe kits for street rods and sprint cars that include flanges, pipes, and collectors; lake pipes and lakester turnouts; catalytic converter delete pipes; resonator eliminator pipes; side pipe hook-up kits; exhaust cut-out pipes and covers; and even complete electrically operated exhaust cut-out kits. And while most of our pipes are for street use, we also offer off-road and race only pipes that will let you get the most power from your engine during competition