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  • How Long Does an Exhaust Pipe/Tube Last?


    Without your vehicle's exhaust system, the exhaust fumes/gases would have nowhere to go. This would cause all kinds of emissions to be released into the atmosphere, and would pose a danger to drivers who would have to breathe them in. That’s exactly why cars are built with an exhaust system that saf Read More

  • Can water get into a car engine through the exhaust pipe?


    Can water get into a car engine through the exhaust pipe?Yes., but not unless you intentionally try to do so.Since, The exhaust pipe is directly connected the engine. There are many ways, this could happen. Read More

  • How Hot Does an Exhaust Pipe Get?


    If you have ever been a passenger on a motorcycle, you were probably warned by the driver to keep your leg away from the exhaust pipe so you wouldn't get burned. An exhaust pipe can actually get red hot, especially on a hot day.The Exhaust SystemVehicles with internal combustion engines, including c Read More