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stainless steel exhaust pipe

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High quality stainless steel (T304). Available in various lengths.

· Light, Strong and High Quality.

· Can Be Bright Polished.

· Same day dispatch.

· Next day delivery.

T304 stainless tube characteristics

Stainless steels are highly resistant to corrosive attack and to oxidation at high temperatures. in general, resistance to corrosion and oxidation increases progressively, though not proportionately, with the increase in chromium content. Stainless steel pipe and tubing are used for a variety of reasons: to resist corrosion and oxidation, to resist high temperatures, for cleanliness and low maintenance costs, and to maintain the purity of materials which come In contact with stainless. The inherent characteristics of stainless steel permits the design of thin wall piping systems without fear of early failure due to corrosion. The use of fusion welding to join such piping eliminates the need for threading. Type 304 stainless is the most widely used analysis for general corrosive resistant tubing and pipe applications, it is used in chemical plants, refineries, paper mills, and food processing industries. Type 304 has a maximum carbon content of .08%. It is not recommended for use in the temperature range between 800? and 1650? due to carbide precipitation at the grain boundaries which can result in inter-granular corrosion and early failure under certain conditions.

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